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The links below will take you to study aids and practice exams for the Property course. The study aids have been carefully selected and recommended for each course. The practice exams have not been. They are just a collection of exams I or others have found around the web. I tried to grab relatively recent exams and tried to pick only one or two from each professor.

Property Study Aids

1.Mandatory: Examples & Explanations: Property, Fifth Edition
2.Optional: Real Property in a Nutshell, Seventh Edition
3.Optional: Questions & Answers: Property
4.Hornbook: Understanding Property Law

Property Practice Tests

1.Golden Gate- Property I Exam | Answer1 | Answer2
2.Golden Gate- Property I Exam | Answer
3.Golden Gate- Property I Exam | Answer
4.Golden Gate- Property I Exam | Answer
5.Golden Gate- Property II Exam | Answer
6.Golden Gate- Property II Exam | Answer
7.Missouri- Property Exam
8.Missouri- Property Exam | Answer 1 | Answer 2 | Answer 3
9.Berkeley- Property Exam
10.Berkeley- Property Exam
11.Widener- Property Exam   Answer
12.Massachusetts- Property Exam
13.Massachusetts- Property Exam

Property is one of those courses that I thought was kind of boring when I was taking it, but found really interesting to study for. It is very mechanical with lots of complicated, confusing, sets of rules that do not always have any real logic underlying them. That can be frustrating and annoying when you're doing the reading, but it can actually be kind of fun in a law school nerd kind of way when you're studying for it.

I particularly found flow charts to be useful in studying for property. For example, you can make a big chart diagramming out all the future interests. The actual chart is useful during the exam, but just getting it sufficiently sorted out in your head to diagram it that way forces you to really understand it. Plus, it always breaks up the monotony a bit to use a different method of studying.

Updated November 2019