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The links below will take you to study aids and practice exams for the Contracts course. The study aids have been carefully selected and recommended for each course. The practice exams have not been. They are just a collection of exams I or others have found around the web. I tried to grab relatively recent exams and tried to pick only one or two from each professor.

Contracts Study Aids

1.Mandatory: Examples & Explanations: Contracts
2.Optional: Contracts in a Nutshell, 8th
3.Optional: Questions & Answers: Contracts
4.Hornbook: Chirelstein's Concepts and Case Analysis in the Law of Contracts, 7th

Contracts Practice Tests

1.Golden Gate- Contracts I Exam | Answer1 | Answer2
2.Golden Gate- Contracts I Exam | Answer
3.Golden Gate- Contracts I Exam | Answer
4.Golden Gate- Contracts I Exam | Answer1 | Answer2
5.Golden Gate- Contracts II Exam | Answer1 | Answer2
6.Golden Gate- Contracts II Exam | Answer
7.Golden Gate- Contracts II Exam | Answer
8.Golden Gate- Contracts II Exam | Answer
9.Maryland- Contracts Exam | Answer
10.Maryland- Contracts Exam
11.GW- Collection of Exams | Answers
12.Berkeley- Contracts
13.Berkeley- Contracts
14.Widener- Contracts
15.Massachusetts- Contracts

I found contracts to be one of the funnest courses to study for. It has a ton of rules, so you have a lot to work with, but it also has an underlying logic to it. Because there are so many rules, I found the multiple choice materials to be useful. They're a good way to survey a lot of little rules quickly. The Questions & Answers book listed above is probably the best of the multiple choice collections, at least for contracts.

Contracts exams are also very well suited to a very systematic approach, so you can create a really strong set of answer outlines. In addition to taking a couple/few full length practice exams, I would suggest skimming through all of the past exams above to confirm that your attack outline has the most common questions covered. Don't forget to hit the low-hanging fruit points in your answer: always state whether it is a UCC question or a common law question and when applicable, briefly discuss expectation damages, reliance damage or restitution damages.

Updated November 2019