Civil Procedure

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The links below will take you to study aids and practice exams for the Civil Procedure course. The study aids have been carefully selected and recommended for each course. The practice exams have not been. They are just a collection of exams I or others have found around the web. I tried to grab relatively recent exams and tried to pick only one or two from each professor.

Civil Procedure Study Aids

1.Mandatory: Civil Procedure (Examples & Explanations)
2.Optional: Civil Procedure in a Nutshell
3.Optional: Questions & Answers: Civil Procedure
4.Optional: Glannon Guide to Civil Procedure
5.Hornbook: Introduction to Civil Procedure (Aspen)

Civil Procedure Practice Tests

1.Golden Gate- Civpro I Exam | Answer
2.Golden Gate- Civpro I Exam | Answer
3.Golden Gate- Civpro I Exam | Answer
4.Golden Gate- Civpro I Exam | Answer
5.Golden Gate- Civpro II Exam | Answer
6.Golden Gate- Civpro II Exam | Answer
7.Golden Gate- Civpro II Exam | Answer
8.Golden Gate- Civpro II Exam | Answer
9.Maryland- Civpro Exam
10.Maryland- Civpro Exam
11.Missouri- Civpro Exam
12.Missouri- Civpro Exam
13.Berkeley- Civpro Exam | Answer
14.Kentucky- Civpro I Exam
15.Kentucky- Civpro II Exam

Civ pro is kind of a strange mix of things. On one hand, you have a set of very mechanical sorts of rules and procedures that you need to know cold. By the time you take the exam, you should have the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure pretty much memorized. I don't generally recommend flashcards for most courses, but civil procedure is one where you should at least consider using them.

But, on the other hand, you have all these abstract, theoretical areas of the law, like due process that you probably want to attack exactly the opposite way- by digging in deep and focusing on developing nuanced, substantive sorts of answers. I found that the E&E was pretty good for those sorts of questions.

As always, you should do at least two or three full-length practice exams. That may be especially important for civ pro. A number of people seem to walk out of civ pro exams totally stunned that the questions on the exams were not at all what they expected, and taking a couple full-length past exams and skimming a bunch more will prevent that from happening to you.

Updated November 2019