Study Materials For Law School

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The goal of this site is to solve something I found annoying when I was in law school- finding the right additional materials. For whatever reason, law professors seem to downplay the need for additional materials like practice tests and study aids, and finding them on your own can be a bit tricky since practice tests disappear from the web as fast as they're posted, new editions of supplements come out all the time, and it is hard to even know which supplements are useful. That bugged me when I was in law school, so I put this list together in case you find it useful. I got a lot of help from a lot of other former and present law students as well, including those on Reddit and the Top Law Schools forum, and this list represents the input of a lot of people. Many thanks to everybody who has given suggestions! Some of the recommendations have been hotly debated, so not every study aid I recommend is universally seen as the best, but they do generally represent the consensus of everybody who has weighed in. Please, email me if you see anything that needs to be updated or anything you think would be useful to add!


1.Administrative Law
4.Civil Procedure
5.Constitutional Law
8.Criminal Law
9.Criminal Procedure
10.Employment Law
12.Family Law
13.Federal Courts
14.Intellectual Property
15.International Law
16.Professional Responsibility
20.Wills and Trusts

General Background Materials About the Law, Lawyers and Law School

1.Getting to Maybe
2.One L.
3.Bleak House
4.The Legal Analyst
5.The Paper Chase

Updated November 2019