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The links below will take you to study aids and practice exams for the Corporations course. The study aids have been carefully selected and recommended for each course. The practice exams have not been. They are just a collection of exams I or others have found around the web. I tried to grab relatively recent exams and tried to pick only one or two from each professor.

Corporations Study Aids

1.Hamilton and Freer's The Law of Corporations in a Nutshell, 6th
2.Siegels Corporations: Essay & Multiple Choice Question Answers, Fifth Edition
3.Corporations (Examples & Explanations)
4.Questions & Answers: Business Associations

Corporations Practice Tests

1.Emory- Business Associations Exam
2.Golden Gate- Business Associations Exam | Answer
3.Golden Gate- Business Associations Exam | Answer
4.Golden Gate- Business Associations Exam | Answer
5.Golden Gate- Business Associations Exam | Answer
6.Golden Gate- Business Associations Exam | Answer1 | Answer2
7.Golden Gate- Business Associations Exam | Answer
8.Maryland- Corporations Exam
9.Berkeley- Corporations Exam

Corporations (or business associations) is kind of boring, but the odds are that it will turn out to be the class where you're most likely to actually use what you learn when you work as a lawyer. That is true regardless of whether you end up being a transational lawyer or a litigator. In fact, even if you end up working at a nonprofit or leave the law entirely, corporate law has a way of coming up. After all, corporations pretty much control the world we live in.

I do not have any particular tip for approaching corps. You kind of just approach it like any other course. Use at least one of the study aids, do a couple full-length practice exams, skim the questions of some more, have a good attack outline, and you're good to go.

Updated November 2019